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This is Vanessa Flores

Hello! Welcome to my clips page. 

Other Hand Media Fundraiser 

This is Storytelling - podcast

Here is a clip from my podcast This is Storytelling with writer Michael Burge. This is Storytelling is an interview-style podcast where I interview writers about their work and lives as writers.

"You Had Me at Hello" - Parody of Lars and the Real Girl

A short film for Faultline Theater's parody commission in 2020. I was asked to fill in for someone who dropped out suddenly and made this short video in one evening!

This is a trailer for a webseries called Uneasy, that I c0-wrote and co-produced, and co-starred in. Uneasy premiered to a sold out audience at the New Parkways Theater in 2019.

Here is a link to another UNEASY EPISODE!

Uneasy Trailer


Uneasy episode 5 which may or may not be based on real grad school life events. 

Uneasy Ep. 5


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